Manuel Dasilva – Preparing A Car For Dirt Track Racing

Manuel Dasilva is interested in anything that has to do with cars. He even races cars on the dirt track. Dirt track racing is fun, can allow you to win money, and is a great way to show off your driving skills. If you want to race on the dirt track, you need to prepare your car for it.

Manuel Dasilva

Certain tires do better on certain types of dirt. Make sure you inspect the track and know what kind of dirt you will be racing on. You can then choose the tires that will help you perform the best.

Your shocks play a big role in how your car handles the dirt track and you don’t want to use the same shocks for dirt track racing that you would use for asphalt racing. Make sure you pay attention to your shocks when it comes time to prepare your car for the dirt track.

When you are racing on a dirt track, turn entry is important. Your brakes have an effect on turn entry so you need to evaluate your brake bias and determine if there will be any problems with turn entry before you race.

If you love cars and want to race them, consider preparing your car for dirt track racing. Dirt track racing is different from other types of racing, but it can be equally as fun and rewarding. Manuel Dasilva enjoys dirt track racing and you might too.


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About Manuel Dasilva

Manuel Dasilva enjoys playing many hobbies and sports. One of his favorites is darts. He plays darts to relax after a long day working on car restoration and also gets together with friends to play in his basement. He even plays darts competitively and has won many tournaments. He is always practicing and trying to improve his aim and skill .
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