Manuel Dasilva: Buying Cars With the Whole Family

Manuel Dasilva is an experienced car repairman who has an extensive collection of classic cars. Manuel Dasilva grew up working on cars with his dad, who was also very passionate about cars. Through the years, he has developed quite an extensive collection of classic cars that he loves.

If you are a classic car enthusiast, you likely know that sometimes it can be difficult to convince your family that a car is truly worth the purchase. They may be skeptical of your next dream car, but here’s how you can convince them to love it too.

  • Present them with the facts. Your partner or other family member may not want you to buy the car because they aren’t sure you can afford it or will be able to take care of it. However, if you sit them down and show them your budget for your new car, they will see that you are serious about it and be more likely to get on board.

Manuel Dasilva

  • Reassure them that you will still spend tons of time with them. If you are really passionate about cars, your family may just be worried that you’ll spend so much time working on your car that they’ll never see you. Remind them of just how much you love them and enjoy spending time with them, and they’ll feel more open to it.

Manuel Dasilva

  • Manuel Dasilva’s favorite tip? Take them along for a test drive. Once they understand how the car actually feels, they’ll understand why you want it.

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About Manuel Dasilva

Manuel Dasilva enjoys playing many hobbies and sports. One of his favorites is darts. He plays darts to relax after a long day working on car restoration and also gets together with friends to play in his basement. He even plays darts competitively and has won many tournaments. He is always practicing and trying to improve his aim and skill .
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