Manuel Dasilva: How to Improve Your Darts Technique

Manuel Dasilva is a car repairman who loves to play darts in his free time. In fact, Manuel Dasilva owns a high quality darts board, which he keeps in his apartment and uses for get-togethers. Manuel Dasilva has been honing his skills for years and has finally mastered the technique of the game. If you enjoy darts, here are some tips to help you improve your technique and beat all of your friends.

Manuel Dasilva

  • Practice on your own before playing with friends. This way, you won’t feel nervous when tackling the board, and you won’t have anyone giving you distracting criticism or cheers. When practicing on your own, you can also really take time to improve your accuracy and skill.


  • Focus on where your elbow is. Your elbow should be pointed straight at the dart board, and don’t ever let it drop or dangle when throwing the dart. Putting your elbow in the right place sets your shot up for success.


  • Use your better side. This should go without saying, but you should always throw with your dominant hand and sight with your dominant eye. You may not realize that you had a dominant eye – test out aiming from both sides and see which one works better for you. You’ll realize quickly that one eye is more effective than the other.


  • Develop a routine and stick to it. The best way to be able to shoot consistently is to just do it the same way every single time. This is how Manuel Dasilva improved his game.

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About Manuel Dasilva

Manuel Dasilva enjoys playing many hobbies and sports. One of his favorites is darts. He plays darts to relax after a long day working on car restoration and also gets together with friends to play in his basement. He even plays darts competitively and has won many tournaments. He is always practicing and trying to improve his aim and skill .
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